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Sea, sun, wind, weed – The North Sea Farmers

On 14 April, we visited the North Sea Farmers at their office in The Hague on the Zeestraat (‘Sea street’ , so very appropriate).  The North Sea Farmers is a non-profit movement of more than 100 businesses and organisations with seaweed as common factor. They are committed to accelerating and strengthening the sustainable seaweed sector in the Netherlands and Europe.

While the horses of Soestdijk Palace are making one of their daily rounds, we prepare our podcast set-up with Lotte van Bronswijk, food expert at the North Sea Famers. In the podcast, we talk about how you actually grow seaweed, why you should do that between wind turbines and what you can use it for. Did you know, for example, that you can make bioplastic from seaweed that you can actually eat?

We specifically zoom in on food and talk about how seaweed will become part of our future diet. Lotte also gives us a recipe for seaweed pesto and we learn that you probably eat seaweed anyway, because it is added as a thickening agent to chocolate milk, for example.

Want to know more? Then check out the website of the North Sea Farmers: https://www.northseafarmers.org/

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