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Week 2 – Pampered

On Saturday we cycle with lovely weather from Leiden to Haarlem through the bulb fields. The daffodils have pretty much finished flowering but the hyacinths are beautiful and the tulips are just coming up. In Haarlem we stay a few days and visit parents, aunts and grandmothers. We also have a little more time to write blogs and process podcasts because, well, that first week was pretty full.

The plan for Wednesday was to leave again, to Pim’s aunt in Edam. But that morning Els received a message that her paper had been conditionally accepted by a magazine, provided she made a few minor changes. This has to be done within 5 days. We decide it would be easiest and more relaxed if she would do this right away, but it would mean that she would have to stay another day in Haarlem. In the meantime Pim continues cycling along the Zaanse Schans and the meadows of Waterland. The next day we meet again at another aunt of Pim’s in Alkmaar. Still with a headwind but good weather, cycling is easy. On Friday we cycle from Alkmaar to Hoorn, where we stay with Pim’s brother and sister-in-law. Els has worked hard and managed to send the paper back improved, and she has heard that it is accepted. Time for cake! We buy it at the bakery in Hoorn, and in the evening we eat (even more) cake, chat a lot and play games. 

We are being looked after very well by all the family and everyone thinks we should eat enough with all that cycling. So we are well stuffed, get warm (air) beds and delicious breakfasts. Also, almost every family member has a nice travel story (or more) to share with us. Anyway, there is no lack of conversation after having not seen each other for so long. We enjoy it to the fullest and after a week of sleeping indoors we feel well prepared to sleep in the tent again in week three. After this second week we have already travelled over 500 kilometres.

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