About us

Pim about Els

Her infectious enthusiasm makes her the perfect companion for this trip.

This enthusiasm pops up in several aspects of her life. In a professional context, she talks enthusiastically about the importance of an integrated approach within the energy transition. In the private sphere, she makes you excited about an inspiring movie, or a delicious vegan recipe. Els knows how to inspire others to make sustainable choices without necessarily intending to do so.

If she starts something she wants to do it well. Her perseverance comes in handy, although sometimes she has to be careful not to push too hard. She also worries regularly. She can become despondent about depressing figures or frightening political developments, but ultimately chooses to hope. And to start doing something. 

In her research at KWR water, she deals with integrated energy issues. An important question is how to find a balance between peaks in energy supply when the sun is shining and there is a lot of wind, and shortages when there is no wind and/or it is dark. In investigating this question, Els has obtained knowledge of various forms of energy generation and storage, which will surely help us on this journey. What will also help is Els’ experience recording the KWR podcast ‘The Water Scientists‘ (only in Dutch).

In short, an enthusiastic all-rounder and ultimate support on this journey.

Els about Pim

Pim is a deep thinker, someone who won’t speak his mind that often in a group, but if he decides to talk, what he has to say is always valuable. He likes to think about the larger economic and social systems that make up our society, and how we could strive to more equality in the world. The last four years he dedicated most of his brain capacity to a PhD on the Dutch livestock sector and its effects on human health and the environment.

Pim is a great listener and is able to ask (the right) questions without judgement. He radiates a kind of calmness and easily adapts to different circumstances. Pim will be there if you need him and will help you in any way he can, yet he has to be careful sometimes to not forget his own needs. At the same time, when he has his mind set on something, he can be pretty stubborn and wants to make sure that it happens in a certain way. Pim is one of the most honest people I know. He can also be a very practical person, and likes to solve problems, build and repair things. And once in a while, he spontaneously begins to sing or does a little dance. Clearly, this whole trip would be impossible without him!