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The first podcast – 52 weeks sustainable

Last week, we had a conversation with Serge Calon, one of the initiators of 52 weeks sustainable. 52 weeks sustainable is an initiative of four entrepreneurs with a mission; to start a green wave in which more and more people take their own small or big step. Every week has a new challenge that has to do with sustainability, but also gives you something in return: a good feeling, contact with others, saving money, birds in your garden and so on. Serge tells us about how 52 weeks sustainable started. We also talked about how each step, however small, points in a certain direction, but is also about finding a balance between ambition, not fooling yourself, and especially not being too hard on yourself. 

We recorded a podcast with Serge, but unfortunately this is only in Dutch. While we are in the Netherlands and in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium we keep recording podcasts in Dutch but at one point we will switch to English. Of course we’ll keep you updated on this!

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